I’m Dahlia Donovan, an autistic author and avid reader. For the longest time, I stopped reviewing the books I read for one simple reason. When I went to talk about what the book I just finished–I tended to lose my words.

A familiar frustration as an autistic, I’m frequently in situations where a question is asked, or I’m stressed, and for a brief or lengthy period of time, I lose my ability to form sentences beyond a simple yes or no.

How can you talk about a book you’ve read when the words just aren’t there anymore?

As an experiment, I’ve decided to start a blog called Dahlia Reads and Forgets (because sometimes that’s what it feels like.) I thought it might be fun and even helpful to try to work around that by creating a book review blog.

With all my love, plus tea and biscuits–the good kind.

Dahlia Donovan